Who We Are

Center for Cassette Studies broadcasts bi-weekly every other Saturday morning from 8-10am PST on Freeform Portland, KFFP 90.3/KFFD 98.3, or freeformportland.org for live streaming. Follow us on Instagram for local gig postings.

Some recent radio shows: Mixcloud

Our library mixes: Soundcloud

We are Jim and Karen. Karen is from Adelaide, Australia and lived in Chicago for many years, where she worked at Facets Video and was international music buyer at Tower Records. Jim is from Alabama and started DJing in 1989, playing punk/postpunk, girl groups, and freak disco on a WVUA show called Toilet Water (a.k.a. Cheese Radio). Center started in 2013, as a twice-monthly at The Tannery on East Burnside.

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